IGT Canaiolo

Production area:

Greve in Chianti, Impruneta, 15 km south of Florence.


Limestone, with a mix of clay and galestro.

Production per plant:

due to poor soils and grape thinning we manage to produce less than 1 kilo per plant. This low quantity allows the grapes to reach perfect phenolic concentration and ripeness.


Canaiolo 100%. Ancient grape variety, typical from Tuscany, that expresses the best of its potential only in our terroir. With Canaiolo w eobtain wines with unique aromas and phenolic profile, fitting for long aging period. For Ottomani Canaiolo we use only the best clusters coming from vineyards of more than 45 years.


by hand, in small crates to keep the fruit intact. For Ottomani Canaiolo we use exclusively the best bunches (small size, perfect ripeness) chosen one by one in our vineyards of more than 45 years old.


spontaneous, conducted by yeasts naturally present on the grapes, with no use of selected yeasts. Spontaneous fermentation exalts the typical organoleptic characterictics of our terroir, later present in our wines.


lasts at least 40 days in 225lt open barrels. Long maceration periods, possible only with perfect and healthy grapes, allow the extraction of a greater number of phenolic compounds present in the grapes (responsible of colour and structure) and a long aging. During this period we procede to manual daily operations as submersion and stir. The type and duration of them depend of the needs of the yeasts (O2).


At least 16 months in new barrels; during this period the wine mature on fine lees which are maintained in suspension by batonnage. This operation permits the liberation of
components which give softness and structure to the wine. During this period the wine develops spontaneously the malolactic fermentation.


the wine is stabilized by cold before bottling. We don’t make filtrations.

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