The story

The story of Ottomani is simple: it is that of four friends who grew up together and who, once adults, saw their dream become reality.

The winery is located in Strada in Chianti area.

Our vineyards and olive groves are located between the Municipality of Greve in Chianti and that of Impruneta.

The vineyards

Our farm was born and expanded by recovering old vines and enhancing and preserving local indigenous mass censuses.

Working with indigenous varieties and using biological-biodynamic cultivation and vinification techniques, we decided from the very beginning not to use synthetic antiparrasity or chemical fertilizer, but to work exclusively with “sustainable” agronomic methods for the environment.

The importance we attach to the agronomic part is fundamental to the agricultural vision we have.

The cellar

The grapes ferment spontaneously. They are followed daily with crushing, shedding and pumping.

During the refining we do a few transfers. We simply add a small amount of sulphites before bottling. All our wines contain a maximum of 40mg/lt. total.

Olive groves

Since time immemorable our territory is dedicated to the production of olive oil.

We also continue this tradition, putting passion and determination in the maintenance of our olive groves and in the production of an organic extra-virgin olive oil of quality.

Our olive groves are all located between the Municipalities of Greve in Chianti and Impruneta.

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